Monday, January 21, 2008

Ropa Limpia

Here's some of my thrift store finds and other clothes, this is a more up to date version of my wardrobe, but very incomplete, so I'll post some more later.

Fish Dress: Thirft store, Andrea Jovine, $1.00
Black shirt: MNG
White shoes: Thrift store, Keds, 5 cents
Red Pants: Zara (I skinnified them myself)
Corset top: Zara
High-waisted jeans: Marc Jacobs
Beige jacket: Pimkie
Comic skirt: Thrift store, $1.00
Red belt: Thrift store, 75 cents
Purple shoes, Thrift store, 5 cents


Francisca said...

laura. you so sexy.
but seriously, I love the outfits... and honestly, who the hell takes these pictures? they're absolutely gorgeous. the lights are perfect.

natalia said...

my australian friend told me to wear hight waisted shit with like bright and busy prints and like poofy stuff
i dunnoo haha

put more of your outfits up dude. its great

i LOVE the fish dress
can i borrow it!!

natalia said...

love the red pants!