Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Drama and the Dress

In other news, I just got back from Guatemala where I participated in a drama competition (won some medals too, woohoo), and I've realized I love airport fashion. People like to dress a certain way when they're traveling, its a very determined style. So I took some pictures of people in the airports and some pictures of the drama geeks I befriended.

I swear, this photo is not sideways, she was standing on the wall. I dig the green trousers and her pretty long hair.

Oh, this is pre-Guatemala. My teacher has the sweetest shoes, these are some of her coolest. You go Dr. Lynch.

The bag in the last picture was in a store in the Guatemalan airport, the only semi-respectable thing was actually quite nice. I guess it's LUPO.


natalia said...

the fit of her pants is perfect

Francisca said...

i love airport fashion too!
too bad I always look like a hobo at airports... and i'm also glad aasca went well