Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Thank you Fashionsnap, this is truly wicked.


danny said...

love it, just makes me smile.
tokyo has so much style, that's why i want go live there! check out these japanese brands: Lad Musician (www.ladmusician.com), dress camp, and comme des garcons by rei kawakubo

natalia said...

psh i disagree
i see people on the street everyday who look like they got dressed in the dark
and its not even them trying to be stylish
they just want to be sheep and go with the trends
and its not even asian trends
they think this is what americans dress like

but. im biased.

i admit. i have seen some very well dressed asian men. the women. just. no.

and that leads me to a side note. there are a lot of lesbians in taiwan who dress like men. its like they need to have a man and a woman cus god forbid they have two feminine lesbians.

but. i degress (sp?) asian fashion is complicated.

i like his scarf. tokyo has good shopping. expensive. there was a t shirt there for 35,000 colones and thats just redunk.
ok im done ranting sorry haha.

Danny said...

well yeah alot of people just follow trends, but it just depends on the location. each ward (shibuya, shinjuku, ginza, etc. ) dresses alot different.

for ginza you have the opulent new rich, all wearing prada, versace, YSL, etc.

shibuya is the best place for finding something cool.

Harajuku is like a stroke haha

And in japan there's what you call a Real Clothes Movement, people are getting rid of foreign or expensive japan brands, and embracing homegrown indie brands nowadays.