Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Moschino, I Adore You

This past summer, I was in Vermont with my mom and my sister visiting some friends. An old college friend of my moms knew a woman who collected and sold early American women's clothing, so we went to go see a knew batch of dresses that had been donated to her by a woman who had been collecting since she was six, and was now about 90 years old, if I remember correctly. Anyway, the dresses were gorgeous and in mint condition, but the real treasure was that this woman, Karen Augusta, also had a whole bunch of great 80's and 90's clothing, including a ton of fantastic Moschino vests and skirts and jackets. It was orgasmic, i swear. I lost my mind just looking at the stuff, so she let me try them on. I fell in love. Anyway, here are some great Moschino pieces I've found on eBay. Enjoy.


natalia said...

i love the shirt with the hanndssss
the pink shoes are gorgeous i saw this girl with a pink dress and black tights and i thought, wow, pink is not my worst enemy.
pink is very trendy now.
but bright pink.
well, maybe a pastely pink like prairie style dress.

natalia said...

hey, you should do a whole thing devoted to chloe sevigny
i love her.