Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Amazing, awesome things to do with old t-shirts. Done by this Urban Renewal woman, Mari Santos. I saw a book on this when I was in Vermont, but for some reason I didn't buy it. How foolish of me, considering I have so many ugly baggy t-shirts that I would NEVER wear, obviously. But I wouldn't just throw them out, that's such a waste, so now they're all just sitting in my pajama drawer, which brings me to another subject:
I don't actually wear them, but I really like the concept. My friend tells me that in China, nice pajamas used to be a status symbol, so now people wear the most beautifully embroidered pajamas out during the day. I wish I did wear them, but it's just I prefer wearing regular clothes, and when I take off my clothes to go to bed, I can't really be bothered to put something else ON, so I just stop there... On occasion I do wear this nice pair I own, just to dress it up a little, feel a little fancier as I sleep. Oh how silly I am.

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the t-shirt girl said...

this is such a great project idea! i love the black flower top the best. i like how you showed the big t-shirt, and then named your design with the pictures. well done!