Sunday, March 9, 2008

The most beautiful bathing suit.

This is the most beautiful, intricate, amazing swimsuit. Everything about it - the boyshort bottom, the low underarm, the mind-blowing knot design - is perfection.

I've had this picture sitting around for a while, just chilling on my Toshiba, but since I rarely use my PC anymore because I finally bought speakers and can listen to music from my Mac, well, I never got around to uploading it till now.

I'm sort of torn about my Macbook right now. It's nice because its lightweight and starts up quickly, but I've been using the new iMovie a lot lately for this hellish economics project and its just so stupid with some things, like what kind of program doesn't have a setting that you can speed up or slow down footage??


Jules said...

for your iMovie problem, it does in fact feature a tool that can allow you to speed up footage. I'll show you tomorrow, if you want.

laureilly1990 said...

yeah sure, that would be nice, just out of curiosity, but theres really nothing i can do about it for the presentation by now, y'know?