Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bad Fashion = Good Fashion

Bah, okay I lied. I've been awful at posting, I'm sorry. The truth is is that I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the stuff I bought in New York, so I've been avoiding my blog. Don't get your hopes up, I haven't snapped any pics yet, I'm just here to show you a bad fashion check list. I think a lot of it is valid and I see where it's a good guide for someone recovering from style disaster, like the women you see on TV getting make-overs (Thank-you What Not To Wear, you keep me entertained for hours). But the main problem I have with this check list is that almost every single one of these so-called faux pas's can be taken and turned around into a fashion statement. It's the simple principle of "Once you know the rules, you can break them" (same goes for writing, by the way). There are a few 'infractions' that really are inexcusable like camel toe, inappropriate bulges, and visible pantyline. Anyway, I think you should take a look at it, and do the checklist. Don't be worried if you have a couple checkmarks on there, in fact, give yourself a pat on the back. Go against the grain, man.


natalia said...

high waisted pants (skirts and shorts please!)
holiday sweater
pattern on pattern
stirrup stretch pants
wrong size (shirts as dresses fuck ye!)

i see no wrong in these

laureilly1990 said...

right? it's so irritating when people try to impose dated and irrational fashion rules on complete strangers. the bastards.

anna. said...

high waisted pants
wrong size
pattern on pattern
knee highs with skirts.

very cool ^ haha.

natalia said...

no white after labor day
makes me sad.

Emma said...

love the blog. check mine out sometime?? comment!

xoxo emma