Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Knock-Off of a Knock-Off

You may have heard of the scandal about Forever 21 being the queen of knocking off high-end designers and getting sued all the time by the likes of Anna Sui and Diane von Furstenberg? Anyway, here in lowly, fashion-deprived Costa Rica, the designers don't even have the know to knock off the originals, instead they knock off the knock offs and you end up with an even more distorted version. Lucky for me, I don't even really care. Check out the following three dresses:

On the left is the original by Tibi, and on the right is the F21 knock off, and now, I bring you this:

This is the dress I bought yesterday at Aliss, the cheapest-ass department store in Costa Rica (well, after Carrion, I suppose) and it's made by a brand called New York Collection. Three cheers for those fun random finds!


natalia said...

yay for carrion!

reardenmetal said...

yayyy i just linked you on my blog (i had to figure out how to first ^^)

Luna said...

So lovely!

ed said...

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