Monday, March 17, 2008

The City of New York

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been in New York. Well, I'm still in New York, actually, and I'll be here till the 21st doing New York stuff.
Things I have done in NY include:
-Shop (flea markets, Goodwill, Macy's)
-Eat (Chinese food, Japanese food, home-made food)
-Walk around (don't ask me where, I don't even know where I am right now)
-Take pictures (of all the happy little people with green faces and 'kiss me I'm Irish' shirts)
-Get sick (fucking Chinese food)

Since I'm feeling a little under the weather, I cut my shopping short today and came back to the apartment my mom and I are staying at. I don't know, I'm not feeling so great about the prospect of living in New York anymore. Maybe I'm just feeling pessimistic because I'm sick, but all I could think about today was how everybody here was such a stereotype and how New York is great, but the problem is that everyone here is so New York. Like, I feel like its all such a facade and that everyone from New York is so obsessed with the fact that they're from New York that they forget that the rest of the world exists. DO I want to have to live somewhere where I'm thinking about how everyone is always putting on a show all the time? That and it's really fucking cold.
I don't know though, I bet New York really is the fantastic place full of interesting people that I've always heard about but I'm so bored with it because I'm with my mom and she makes it feel like work when we go out and do stuff.

Well here's some pictures that resemble some of the stuff I bought at the flea markets because I feel some sort of need to at least pretend to end this on a high note. I really just want to go home.


Danny said...

Yeah cities seem to be like that these days, alot of posers, but you can always find cool people and places somewhere, don't give up!,
i hope you feel better
come back safe :)

ElPato said...

Cool blog. Couldn't quit reading no matter how bad I wanted to. What's up with San Jose? Miss that place.

Danny said...

Yeah i'm kind of bored with my blog too. I haven't even checked my blog until today. I'll put something sooner or later.