Saturday, March 1, 2008

Computer Rant


Today was a very productive day for music. I have a new burned CD and copied some cool stuff from my friends ipod onto my computer. I know I was questioning my Mac and continually comparing it to the Toshiba that I have, which doesn't run so smoothly. I've always been partial to the Toshiba just because I have most of my music on there but now, I want to put my music on the Mac instead. My main reason for having it on the pc is that the macs speakers are so tweaky right now. Well, actually the speakers themselves work fine, but it stays on mute unless it's hooked up to my external speakers, which is what I've started doing. And I can also just take headphones with my computer, which I actually prefer to listening out loud. I really do need an ipod, it would be so convenient. Oh and about the picture, I just like the outfit, especially the jacket which fits her really well.

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natalia said...

sooo prettyyyy

i think im obsessed: