Sunday, May 4, 2008

More! More! Polyvore!

My name is Laura, and I'm a polyholic. I seriously have a problem, but it's a very amusing and accessible one. So I'm kind of sort of totally okay with it. Anyway, here's me fantasizing about my infinite wardrobe of the future (but not really, who am I kidding?). These are my personal fave's that I've made.


Nico. said...

I'm addicted aswell. Great sets.

Danny said...

i want to get into it! it looks so rad but, too many clases this week, haven't had the time :(

natalia said...


esp the octopus squid one
beautiful clothing.

also in the second is one of those scarves! theyre so nice i got one in london, apparently theyre prayer scarves, im thinking its ok that i wear it cus i know what it is... so it combats some of the ignorance? tal vez?

so i was gonna go through all of them and say all the stuff i liked
but it was too much stuff, so it just got all jumbled

love you!!
when i get there i expect to dicuss the current state of clothing
in relation to psychological thinking.. or something like that

fashion Chalet said...

Thanks for the comment. I will definitely link you :)

Ash1314 said...

Im loving the leather skinnies!! AND purple boots...I have yet to find nice ones for myself....let me know if you want to link up =) cool blog!

reardenmetal said...

the balloon dress! the map tanktop! its all so good!!!!