Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ooh, Joy!

I was stumbling fashion pages and I cam across the dress that Agyness Deyn wore that I swoon for, and for some unknown reason this is very exciting for me. The dress is by Preen and would make a great gift (hint-hint).

Polyvore.... Omnivore (?)

One new Polyvore creation. It was inspired by the shoes, for sure. I feel like its still a little bare, but maybe with some skinny gold bracelets it would be a little more complete and also make the glasses seem a little less lonely with their gold rims.

Scarf: Hermes
Purse: L.A.M.B.
Dress: Day Birger et Mikkelsen
Glasses: American Optical General
Shoes: Armani (Oh how I wish I could afford them)


Amazing, awesome things to do with old t-shirts. Done by this Urban Renewal woman, Mari Santos. I saw a book on this when I was in Vermont, but for some reason I didn't buy it. How foolish of me, considering I have so many ugly baggy t-shirts that I would NEVER wear, obviously. But I wouldn't just throw them out, that's such a waste, so now they're all just sitting in my pajama drawer, which brings me to another subject:
I don't actually wear them, but I really like the concept. My friend tells me that in China, nice pajamas used to be a status symbol, so now people wear the most beautifully embroidered pajamas out during the day. I wish I did wear them, but it's just I prefer wearing regular clothes, and when I take off my clothes to go to bed, I can't really be bothered to put something else ON, so I just stop there... On occasion I do wear this nice pair I own, just to dress it up a little, feel a little fancier as I sleep. Oh how silly I am.

Can't Control My Impulses

Bah, really cool stuff from this site I happened to come across when trying to find a checkered black and white jacket to use on Polyvore (my sister has the ultimate one, I'll dig up a picture of her in it. That and the yellow one I gave her are pure perfection). These are just some nice prints and designs at a boutique called Impulse.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pretty Pictures

A couple lastnightsparty shots (I had to take screenshots because they've disabled saving the pictures, for some reason). Cheers.


Thank you Fashionsnap, this is truly wicked.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Some outfits I like. The first and last are from some random blogs, don't quite remember. The middle is from Face Hunter.

Edit: My bad, image number 2 is not from The Satorialist, but from Face Hunter. They're both wonderful.

THE shoes.

This is THE pair of shoes from the Shoe Museum. Google it, it rocks my virtual world.

Marc Jacobs After-Party

I adore just about everything Marc Jacobs, so of course I'll adore his stylish after-parties filled with gorgeous people in amazing outfits. Fashiontoast actually already had a post about Genevieve Jones, but I think I need to have my own post. Shes just so cute and clean. Pics from and

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I just wanted to apologize for my amateur blogger skills. I realize some of my posts are disorganized and aesthetically displeasing, I'll work on it.

Polyvore Herbivore?

Here's another Polyvore creation. I promise I won't get too obsessed with it, but I must admit, it's pretty awesome.

Dress: Hanii Y
Pants: Top Shop
Jacket: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Prima Moda
Purse: Moschino
Watch: Tommy Bahama
Barrette: Michal Negrin

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Polyvore Carnivore!

Here are my first three Polyvore attempts, and I'm quite pleased with them!

Tights: Pamela Mann
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Dress: Wet Seal
Jacket: Banana Republic
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Purse: Moschino

Dress: Top Shop
Jean Jacket: La Redoute
Hat: Hermes
Leggings: American Apparel
Shoes: Miu Miu

Glasses: Karen Walker
Scarf: Armani Exchange
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger
Sweater: All Saints
Pants: Tripp NYC
Bag: Moschino
Shoes: Marc Jacobs

Matteo Bertolio

Here's some badass fashion photography, enjoy.

Origami shoes

These shoes are the raddest thing I've seen in ages. Even though they're completely over the top and origami-esque, I think I'd still wear them. They were actually made from one piece of leather, cut and folded into a shoe.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sex Sells

Here are some pics of really graceful modeling from Steven Klein, cheers to Skittles for the links. There were also a lot of really provocative pictures which got me to thinking: why does sex sell so much? And why is it that sex and fashion are so closely related? Sure, everyone loves sex, but here in Costa Rica, they try to market everythig as if it were pornography. For example, this past mothers day, there were posters everywhere with a young woman breastfeeding a baby, which is weird to begin with, but it's just that it was such a young, attractive woman that it became sexual. I've seen people try to inject sex into the strangest products; toothpaste, Ensure, Pizza Hut, I could go on, but I won't. Anyway, enjoy.



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Grammy's Fashion

So every year the Grammy's come, I watch half, criticize the music and the system and the self-obsessed artists, then halfway through, I give up all hope and go to my room to listen to music that I actually like. There are, however, good aspects to the Grammy's. The few respectable people that actually show up are fairly well dressed, I must admit. And I happen to think Jason Bateman is quite charismatic :)


Corinne Bailey Rae in Luella

Natasha Beddingfield

Bai Ling

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jan Taminiau

I just stumbled this completely amazing dress. When you unravel the skirt you can wear the dress so many different ways, its truly amazing.
check out the site

London Fashion Week So Far

Hey hey hey. I told you I'd post some pics from the LFW catwalks so here they are. I was unexpectedly thrilled with a designer named Bora Aksu who I've never heard of before. He used very light silky materials which he layered and paired over sheer black tights and thick leather vests (though I wasn't too fond of the vests - they were too horseback saddle-ish).

The first three pics are Armand Basi, the last four are Bora Aksu

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Wonderful World of my Wardrobe

Back by popular demand (ahem), I bring you another outfit I might one day gain the courage to wear.

(Yes, there was another picture here, but my momentary lapse of judgment has passed and now I see that it was a horrible outfit, excuse my lack of taste)

Denim Jacket: Thrift store, F21
Skirt: Anne Klein